The Convergence of Digitalization and Sustainability




MicroBrands are market based algorithms that can be easily created, accessed, distributed and analyzed to solve a microsegmented problem, such as Brand Originality, Brand Mission, Brand Journey, Brand Authenticity and Brand Destiny.



MicroClusters are Permanent or Temporary Autonomous Ecosystems diverse in function, structure, work arrangements, and value creation/capture.



MicroPlatforms can monetize human effort and consumer assets on a new arbitrage between the practices adopted by these platform companies and new Network Effects based demand side problem-resolution processes, with new rules by which new customers, new communities, new workers, and new markets opens the way for radical changes in how we work, live, socialize, create value in the economy, and compete for the resulting profits.



Microbrand economy


MicroBrand Originality

As MicroMarkets reshape our lives, they’re also introducing new problems. MicroBrand Originality is essential to outgrow these tensions and set up the MicroMarkets for long-term success.


MicroBrand Mission

The mission of the MicroBrand should go beyond the marketplace, establishing real markets where supply and demand dictates pricing dynamically, creating Maximum Value through discovery and efficiency for all.


MicroBrand Journey

On the Growth Markets where originality is the experience looked upon, the MicroBrand should pursue to build networks, ones where people can compare and contrast similar, but not the same , services along multiple dimensions of quality. Creating enduring partnerships the MicroBrand can also minimize risk.


MicroBrand Authenticity

It’s necessary for the MicroBrand to put fairness over short-term profit. The benefit of being fair to both sides of the micromarket is that people are more likely to love and respect the authenticity of a MicroBrand that doesn’t starve their buyers and suppliers for a quarter’s profit.


MicroBrand Destiny

Algorithms that create, manage and analyze MicroBrands does not replace human leadership. “We often think that algorithms can replace leaders. But the truth is the opposite. Algorithms make leaders more necessary. Micromarkets need leaders who can make sure that the algorithm is not only a machine that grinds up human potential  but also a ladder that offers people ways up.”


"MicroValues and Knowledge Landscapes" is a working version article by Celso Singo Aramaki https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7240-0906